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Who is GT Construction?

GT Construction was established in January 2016 and has developed over the years into a dependable medium-sized, NHBRC registered construction company. Backed by over two decades of construction expertise, GT Construction is known for building relationships with all our stakeholders. Our capability: The Company undertakes Commercial, Retail, Residential, Schools, Hospitals, Clinics and Industrial building contracts as well as alterations and Renovations in the Mpumalanga area. The company’s focus is predominantly on execution of building contracts in Nelspruit, White River and surrounding areas. Our capacity: Depending on the timing and nature of contracts, GT Construction can undertake single contracts of up to R 60 million.

GT Construction home banner image
GT Construction home banner image

More about the Leading Construction Company in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga

Experience, professionalism, and integrity are at the cornerstone of our construction companies in mpumalanga. We put expertise first and we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to offer our clients the best possible service.

GT Construction was founded in 2016, and although we are a relatively young company, we are making headway in becoming one of the leading construction companies in Nelspruit. Using our more than 2 decades of construction experience, our turnkey solutions and dedication to constantly delivering a superb project for our clients, has helped us make a name for ourselves as leaders in our field.

Working closely with our clients, we aim to bring their construction projects to life and thereby contribute to South Africa’s growing development, and economy. We work ethically, and with a talented group of individuals who know not only how to get the job done, but know how to construct structures that will last a lifetime.

Doing what we do best

Over the years that we’ve been operating as the number one construction companies in mpumalanga, we’ve had the privilege to work on some truly inspiring projects, including the construction of hospitals and clinics. We specialise in a variety of areas such as commercial, residential, retail, schools and industrial, taking on innovative approaches to an industry that has become set in its way.

Not only do we construct buildings, but we also renovate them. Breathing new life into old, existing structures, while also giving them renewed safety components, is not only cost-effective but it is also a great way to conserve the history of landmarks.

We are the best building contractors in nelspruit. We operate throughout the Nelspruit and White River area, taking on projects of up to R80 million.


An Interconnected Approach to Construction


While many of those who are looking to launch an exciting new construction project are likely to work with different teams when it comes to design and later on construction, we aim to provide our clients with a more inclusive approach.

We give our clients a range of options, to ensure that they have everything that they need in order to enjoy a more well-rounded approach to the project. From those initial design phases, where all the ideas that are floating around are put to paper, to drawing up a construction timeline, to the building getting underway, we do it all.

And we do it all by working closely alongside our clients. With 20 years in the business, we know the importance of working with clients as the best way to ensure that they receive the project outcome they expect.

We might be a home grown company, but we are more than capable of producing world class infrastructure. Our skills can be put to use in all sorts of environments and we work perfectly well in both rugged rural areas and more built up, urban areas.

Our experience and expertise means we are able to quickly and easily adapt to changing situations and unpredictable issues that tend to crop up when least expected.

As far as possible, we try to be eco-friendly in our approach to construction. This factors into our holistic approach in that it gives our clients more control over how their building is going to affect the environment in which it is being built.


A List of Services


We are the best Building Contractors in Nelspruit


  • Design

Unleashing creativity, and bringing new ideas to life, our team of drafts people and architects have the experience and the skills to turn just about any construction day dream into life. We can create various concepts for the idea that you have, and meet with you to alter them where necessary.

  • Construction Management

With all of our experience, we are more than capable of taking control of the management of the construction projects that you may need a management team to oversee. From ensuring that deadlines are met, to handling all of the time consuming, day to day tasks that need doing to guarantee that the project is safely completed on time, our team could be exactly what you need.

  • Renovations and Expansions

This service is ideal for both commercial and retail buildings, looking to expand or simply undergo a renovation. We quickly assess the situation and determine exactly what it is that the building will require in order to create a new look.

  • Construction

Naturally, as a construction company in Mpumalanga, building is our primary service and it is one that we are really good at. Although we only started up in 2016, our 20 years of experience prior to the establishment of GT Construction, has made us experts in our field.

We stick to the safety standards as set out by the industry and our team is fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and equipment to ensure that they are safe on site.

Our construction service extends to many fields with commercial and residential construction being our focus. In the past we’ve also built and/or remodelled schools, hospitals and clinics.

  • Sourcing Expertise

To make the process run a little more smoothly, and in staying true to our commitment to providing a holistic service, we are able to both source and handle the management of electrical, mechanical, and plumbing during the course of the construction phase.


As the best building contractors in Nelspruit, we know exactly how to get our projects completed on time and according to the industry standards.


We aim to fulfil our mission, which is to deliver the highest quality construction services at the best possible, market competitive prices. We ensure that our services are professional and we operate with integrity, honesty and fairness. We also aim to create good relationships with everyone we work with, from our suppliers, to our subcontractors, associates and our clients.

To help our clients get the most out of their project, we make sure that we work alongside them from the get go. From initial meetings right through to the final phase of construction, our clients can look forward to having all of their questions answered and the project completed according to their specifications.

Our Mission

To perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at fair and market competitive prices…. * To maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty and fairness in our relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors, professional associates and customers.

Quality Service

List of Our Main Services:


Turn Key Projects

Design and Build





GT Construction home banner image
GT Construction home banner image

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take the first step. we will do the rest.

Fill in the form to get a custom quote for your project or to speak with a representative for more information on all our services.

Fill in the form to get a custom quote for your project or to speak with a representative for more information on all our services.


Most frequent questions and answers

Any information that involves a breakdown of the work involved, such as working drawings, a schedule of works and any contract particulars you may have. All of these items can aid us in supplying you with a formal quotation.

Some projects lean more towards a day work rate, purely due to the type of work it is, this is usually items that are unspecified, or largely un-known how long tasks may take. This method could workout cheaper for the client.

You can forward us any architectural drawings, and we will usually make a site visit to meet the client, and run through the works. We like to keep communication open as much as possible, and our aim is to deliver exactly what our clients require.

We are not qualified architects but we can do design and build, we can provide a certain level of architectural drawings in house. But for projects such as, dwelling extensions, where planning permission is needed. We will forward one of our out of house highly skilled architects to you.

Yes we can work with any building.

Yes, we have a large client base, to which we have provided any and all office refurbishment and fit out works. Offices, schools, universities you name it we are perfectly suited to handle it.

Yes we do, it is very uncommon that on large commercial projects  we are not working with M & E  consultants / subcontractors.

GT Construction is a main contractor company, with the ability to contract manage/ project manage any project we are involved with.

Yes we are a NHBRC Registered Company

We are happy to help and provide guidance with the managing of your budget once your construction project has been initiated.

We can provide a professional opinion and guidance on budget and spending once project discussion is initiated.

This usually will be discussed based on the type of construction service provided

No, we are a medium sized construction firm, on a telephone you will get through to reception or one of our construction managers directly. Who will be able to help you further.

Please either email us, or give us a quick call.. We are very willing to help, and happy to provide for any quotations needed.

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